Special executions

Thinking outside the box

We produce three-phase and single-phase asynchronous motors in special execution. Each of our designs is unique: we start from the drawing provided by customers or by studying ourselves the design and performance according to the specific operating requirements. Our special executions can be divided into three macro-areas..

Test room / R&D

We have a leading-edge test lab, equipped with high precision instruments periodically subject to calibration, with a centralized acquisition system on a Windows platform. The lab is equipped with three test benches, designed for the survey of electromechanical characteristics and different operating speeds, which together with expertise and technology allow the technical staff to test the asynchronous three-phase and single-phase motors directly on the final application. In this way, it is possible to monitor the parameters of major interest for the customer.
In order to achieve an optimal prototyping, the lab tests are combined with simulations made with a highly technological design software. This software allows estimating with high reliability the performance of the various motors types in all possible operating conditions. The technical staff is constantly updated on standards, directives and regulations in force in Europe, USA, Canada and other parts of the world.
Particular attention is paid to energy saving: the efficiency of three-phase and single-phase asynchronous motors is calculated using platforms that process the test data according to the requirements of the relevant standards.