Textile machinery
24 January 2020
Industrial aspiration
24 January 2020

Electric motors for direct housing in the pump unit

Direct coupling to the customer's endshields.
Special twin-shaft execution according to drawing
Axial locking of bearings

Design of custom-made solution for direct housing in the pump unit, starting from the customer's sample and made by studying in detail the magnetic core. Definition of components and relative accessories based on the pump features in order to obtain the required performance while reducing the operating temperatures to the minimum, with the expected dimensioning at a highly competitive quotation.

Technical specification

Magnetic core designed using specific software, to provide a P2 power as required in the voltage range 220-240 50-60Hz;
in service S3 (30'=On / 60'=Off), in NON-ventilated execution;
Motor built to be mounted directly on the special caps, supplied by the customer;
Special twin-shaft execution, with machined surface;
Bearings suitably preloaded and axially locked.
Made with all the construction requirements necessary to be suitable for the subsequent cURus certification.