Vacuum pumps
24 January 2020
Electric motors for direct housing in the pump unit
24 January 2020

Textile machinery

Special insulation against loads.
Sensors for continuous temperature monitoring.
Reduced noise and vibration.

Electric motor designed to meet the requirements of the customer with the feature of performing specific operating cycles. In particular, winding insulations are made with materials and devices suitable to withstand the mechanical and electrical stresses. The motors are equipped with sensors for continuous temperature monitoring.

Technical specifications

Electromechanical performance designed and tested on specific operating cycles.
Measures to avoid that the fabric processing dust may apply to the motor enclosures.
Frames, drive shafts, shields and special flanges, specifically designed to integrate the motor into the machine.
Power cables and specific accessories to be integrated with the wiring of the machines built by our customer.
Axial clearance of the shafts reduced to a minimum such as that of the bearing.
All motor enclosures, including the ventilation system, are made of metal.
Fine "B" grade balancing of the rotor by applying the whole keys.