Textile machinery
24 January 2020
Industrial aspiration
24 January 2020

Automation / Theater

Reduced radial dimensioning for restricted spaces.
Special and versatile mechanical couplings for multiple couplings of different brake sizes.
Different powers in a main frame.

Technical specifications

Electrical, mechanical and industrial design of the product.
Special drive shaft on drawing, designed to obtain maximum robustness;
Special reduced flange in aluminium or cast iron;
Special rear cover in cast iron, machined for the assembly of different types and sizes of brakes;
radially machined housing to limit the overall dimensions;
magnetic core specifically designed to be driven by an inverter, with reinforced insulation to make the motor more protected from voltage spikes that may occur when powered by a frequency converter; the motor also provides for the application of encoders;
high torque and low level of vibration and noise;
Electric motor supplied complete with special connector indicated by the customer.