Textile machinery
24 January 2020

Industrial washing machines

Motors to be used in different markets with UL certification.
High torque at low speeds.
Controlled acceleration to achieve spin speed.
Electric motors suitable for use in different markets and certified for North American markets, suitable to be operated by inverters with wide range on speed variation. At low speeds, the motor must be able to develop high torque. The acceleration is controlled to reach the spin speed of garments in a gradual and controlled way.

Technical specifications

3D design of components not available on the market and construction of the respective die-casting moulds.
Search for specific components suitable for the execution as well as for appropriate manufacturing processes.
After the electro-technical design and respective tests in our test room, functional tests were carried out directly on the machine, under real working conditions.
Depending on the machine model, other specialties are available such as: compact dimensions, shaft with integrated pulley, servo-ventilation, mechanics and balancing for speeds up to 260Hz.