Vacuum pumps
24 January 2020
Electric motors for direct housing in the pump unit
24 January 2020

Sewage pumps

Single-phase magnetic core for specific voltages;
High starting torque without circuit breaker;
Special shaft according to drawing;

Design of solution "ad hoc" for direct housing in the pump, tailored and realized by studying in detail the magnetic core.
Definition of the components and relative accessories based on the characteristics of the pump housing.

Technical specifications

Single-phase magnetic core designed using specific software, for 230V 50Hz and 115 60Hz networks.
Without ventilation, in service S3-50% (60 start/h), 3/4 submerged in liquid at 40°C.
High starting torque without circuit breaker.
Special shaft in stainless steel.
In order to verify the performances with the foreseen cooling system, a specific equipment has been realized with a water recirculation chamber that simulates the conditions foreseen in the final application.