Textile machinery
24 January 2020

Industrial ovens ventilation

Motors suitable for high temperatures.
Possibility to replace the bearings without disassembling the driven shaft.
Special cast iron flange for easy maintenance.

Motors for the operation of fans used for forced ventilation of ovens, with mechanical and electrical solutions that, taking into account the environmental conditions of operation, offer durability and simplicity in the scheduled maintenance activities.
In particular, with regard to extraordinary maintenance activities, the replacement of both bearings is permitted without needing to remove the driven fan.

Technical specifications

Definition of materials and measures to be taken on electromagnetic circuits.
Design and manufacture of a special cast iron flange to allow the assembly of a bearing of adequate size, with grease nipple, holes, labyrinths and mechanical seals, for ideal lubrication.
Use of lubricating grease of adequate durability.
Compound shaft, stripping welded, with non-magnetic stainless steel control to prevent deformation at high temperatures.
Important research, development and testing activities for the definition of the electromagnetic core and the mechanical seal system to obtain the IE3 energy efficiency required.