Vacuum pumps
24 January 2020
Electric motors for direct housing in the pump unit
24 January 2020

Dough mixers

Dahlander 2-speed windings.
Magnetic core designed for high starting torque.
UL (cURus) certification available.

Motors designed for high torque combined with low electrical noise and vibration levels. Due to the housing and the shape of the machine, these problems are normally amplified.
A range of UL cURus certified motors is available for operation in the USA and Canada.

Technical Specifications

Magnetic core designed to provide high performance starting torque and maximum torque.
Dahlander 2-speed windings, calibrated to ensure high torque and low electrical noise;
Wide operating voltage and temperature range in class B;
Strict mechanical tolerances to obtain a low level of vibration and mechanical noise;
Specific execution B5-V3 or B14-V19;
Mechanical execution with reduced radial dimension.
If required, a version with cast iron flange and increased bearings is available for applications with a high radial load.