Textile machinery
24 January 2020

Vacuum pumps

Wide voltage range.
Reduced noise and vibration.
Axial mechanical clearance reduced to the minimum.

Motor designed to allow the customer to have IE3 efficient electric motor for the European market and with Premium certification and efficiency for the U.S. market.

Technical specifications

Motor suitable for multiple applications, such as: inverter, frequent start/stop, tropical climates, etc.
Reduced noise and vibration.
Special drive shaft designed in two versions, one in AISI 316 and one in AISI 420;
Careful execution in order to minimize the axial mechanical clearance. Restricted tolerances on couplings, including those of concentricity of the shaft with respect to the axis of rotation, of the centering and perpendicularity of the flange with respect to the axis of rotation.
Tested with advanced software, equipment and measuring instruments to ensure compliance with tolerances agreed with the customer.