Automation / Theater
24 January 2020
Food processing machines
24 January 2020

Ventilation / Heating

Wide voltage range.
Compact design.
Available in UL (cURus) certified version.

Single-phase motor designed for maximum power saving while meeting torque requirements and manufactured with reduced overall dimensions.
Specially designed to operate with high torque combined with low electrical noise levels and reduced vibrations.
This execution is available in two different versions: one for the European market and a cURus certified one for North America.

Technical specifications

Magnetic core purposely designed according to specific service needs and with a wide voltage range (from 185 to 254V), in continuous duty S1;
Special drive shaft on drawing and special B14 flange;
Compact design to allow housing in the intended space.
Result: 30% reduction in consumption compared to the motor used before.