Privacy Policy

Social accounts

The social accounts listed below represent the official profiles of Motori Bonora Spa, through which the Company wishes to inform, promote and raise awareness of topics and activities inherent to its area of reference;

– LinkedIn

– Facebook

Social publications

Through social media, Motori Bonora Spa publishes and spreads information on the Company’s activities, creating original content or re-launching

– content from the institutional site

– useful and relevant news from partner companies, institutional sources, newspapers and other stakeholders;

– communications on events, conferences, as well as articles and interviews on topics of interest.

Social account management

Management of Motori Bonora Spa’s social accounts is the responsibility of the Company’s Communication Area. The profiles are monitored seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Content regulation

The information disclosed through the official social channels is general and not exhaustive, and concerns activities and initiatives relating to the Company and related subjects.

All users may express their opinions and ideas while respecting others, and everyone is responsible for what they publish.Social Media Policy

All users are asked to express their ideas in a fair and measured way while respecting privacy. It is not possible to publish references to facts or details of no public relevance, violent, offensive or discriminatory attitudes with respect to gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, belief, ethnic origin, disability. Furthermore, for the protection of users’ privacy, the publication of personal data (email, telephone number, social security number, etc.) is to be avoided.

Following, for example, a Twitter account, or including it in interest lists, does not mean sharing its line of thought; the same applies to retweets, favourite tweets, shares and messages on the account posted by users. The same applies, in the same way, to all the social networks in which Motori Bonora Spa is present.

All the images published by Motori Bonora Spa on social networks are related to events, conventions, ceremonies of public interest or held in public in which the company has participated and have the sole purpose of narrating the event in question, without any particular reference to those present.


In order to protect privacy, no personal cases may be dealt with, but general information of common interest will be provided.

The publication of content that violates copyrights, the promotion of illegal, defamatory activities and the dissemination of personal data of third parties without authorisation, political propaganda, advertising or promotion of competing companies – as outlined above – will be subject to blocking and deletion. Users who publish insults, vulgarity, insults, threats, and also content such as spam, advertising or offensive messages will first be reported within the relevant social network and, if persistent, will be blocked. All offences against the Company, partner companies or persons related to them will be collected and reported directly to the relevant departments, which will judge whether and how to take action.


For all information, questions, reports that do not apply to the policy or that have not been answered, please write to us at